Decision is Made!

Hi all, I am happy to find this web site, it is very encouraging. I am 36, been a nurse for 17 years and decided to go after my dream being a doctor. I am applying for the post BS pre med program which starts in the summer of 2010 and I am so excited.

My first thought of going to medical school was about 10 yrs ago. Being a single mom and having other responsibities put med school on hold and then I thought now I am too old. But now as my daughter left for college and I have no obligations, I cannot think of one reason I should not pursue this goal. I also work with many doctors and it’s amazing to see them come in as medical students and interns and become attendings before you know it.

I am enjoying reading so many of the stories here and feel it will be very helpful throughout this process.


Fom one nurse to another, welcome! You will find a lot of helpful information here. Where is the pre med post bac program located?

The Post BS pre med program I am applying for is at the University of Rochester. They just started the program last year and I am thrilled that we have it!

I am a registered nurse as well. I’m so glad you made the decision to follow your dream like me and many other nurse have on this site. We can all be supportive of one another during this exciting and challenging time in our lives. Welcome!