did I bite off more than I could chew?

So I am a full time Cop (for the next few weeks…I just put in my resignation) and I was working full time as a cop and going to school full time as well. I think I messed up…I was going to school from 8am-2pm and going to work 2:30 pm to 11pm. This was a monday through friday thing and I had to go to class on Saturday. Anyways…I didnt do very well this semester. I pulled off two A’s and two C’s…unfortunately for me the c’s were in bio and calc…my question is this. Should I retake them both? or just keep what I got and improve. This is is my first semester of college ever. And I am not trying to default immediately. Any advice out there for me? (keep in mind that my class costs are covered and they will not be an issue , so I wont have to worry about that)

If you know you can do better then re take them, Iam taking a bio class over, the math and science classes are the most important( although you should try your best in all classes lol). Good luck you will be okay!!

Thanks MD1day, I will do that I think. I know I can do better. I look at my exams and realized I made silly mistakes. I know the material I just dont think I had enough time for them.

Thanks again


IMHO I would not retake them. If it is a question of really learning the material for the MCAT, perhaps. I have read and listened to different opinions on retaking classes. Adcoms can see the original grade anyway, so perhaps another option would be to score better on your next pre-reqs. If these are your first college classes, and you know that you can do better, then do better in your next classes and let that rising trend stand out. Again, if it is a question of just understanding the material then maybe a retake is the best way, (though Calculus is not tested on the MCAT)

…my 2 cents anyway.

Another thought … Go to ratemyprofessor.com and check out who is teaching the class. A bad professor (And they are out there) can bring your GPA down too.

I read one post on there that the BIO professor said it would be extremely hard to get an “A” in his class. If I read that review, I would find another professor.

It is a great website to see if the teacher is fair, and that is what you really want.

I, too, think retaking them just to raise your grade is a waste of time if you already know the material. AMCAS will average the two grades on a re-take, so it won’t do too much good for your gpa. (AACOMAS takes the most recent, however.) Keep taking your courses and nail them from now on. And eventually work in some upper division bio classes to give credibility to your ability to do advanced work. Also, know your limits of what you have time to do well. :slight_smile: