Did I mess up too bad?

Hello everyone

This is a great site, Im really learning a lot here, but have a few questions.

My GPA in undergrad was 2.4 and in Theatre, so there is very little science in my transcript (but I do enjoy it though). I did have extenuating circumstances in college, but overcame them to graduate.

If I were to get a second degree in Biology, even under the best circumstances, would it be possible to get into a medical school? There is a DO school literally 10 minutes from my house, so if I need to retake classes I will.

I trying to find out if its just a pipe dream. Ive been interested in the medical profession since before I knoew what student loans were. Oh, and Im 25.


No, you did not mess up too badly providing that you can do very well from here on out. There are several of us on here with sub 3.0 GPAs who were able to excel later on and have since been accepted to medical school.

Thanks for the quick response, it reassuring to hear that others overcame similar problems.

I do have a question, though. All the med schools here in Florida seem to “require” a GPA of at least a 3.5. How is that possible?

I would 330 credit hours at a 4.0 according to http://www.back2college.com/raisegpa.htm

Again thanks

My only thoughts are these:

How bad do you want to become a doc?
Let’s say for kicks and giggles you really would have to take 330 cr hours of class again, would it be worth it to you?

You’re “only” 25, let’s say you did decide it was worth it and it takes 3 or 4 years, so you’d be 29 or 30 even (/gasp!!! ), would that matter?

Many of us on here are much older and have poorer overall GPAs (I am, and mine is). And we made the decisions that yes it is worth it, and no, it does not matter that we’re… ahem… more prone to “senior moments”… :smiley:

From a previous post: “Osteopathic medical schools will replace your older grade in a class with the most recent grade, but allopathic medical schools will only average the recent grade in a class with your previous grade. Obviously, though, both types of medical schools will see you have retaken classes to up your GPA, so you will need supplement your retakes with some advanced-level premedical coursework to show your current academic prowess in handling new, biomedical courses.”

Additionally, when you finally apply to medical school, the central application services will take your whole college record and calculate several different GPAs: your biology, chemistry, physics, and math (BCPM) GPA, your “other sciences” GPA, your non-sciences GPA, your freshman year GPA, your sophomore year GPA, your junior year GPA, your senior year GPA, your post-bacc GPA, your graduate school GPA,. I’m probably leaving some other GPA calculation out of the list, but the point is that medical schools will see the differences from when your were a premed and were not a premed student. All is not lost. You can still “do it.”

I have a couple of questions similar to this one:

  1. If your Undergrad GPA was let’s say over 10 years ago…and you subsequently take or re-take 10 prerequisites in the last two years…will med schools look at your recent science GPA or a 10-12 year old undergrad GPA. Seems crazy, as old premeds are doing this to change who the were at 18-20.

Med schools will look at, and be aware of, just about everything college-related you’ve ever done. Some of them may very well reject you for mistakes you made 10 years ago. If you were choosing between 2 students, equally qualified otherwise, and one had bad grades from the past - might that help you make your decision? Given how competitive the application process is, AdComs aren’t looking for a reason to let you in; they’re looking for a reason to filter you out. For many of us, we have black eyes on our transcripts that give them that reason right off the bat.

And yet, despite that, we can succeed and even excel. At this point, I’m working on the succeeding part . But with a cumulative 2.5 from undergrad less than 10 years ago, I was accepted at more than one allopathic school. And I’m just following the example that many on this site (and elsewhere) have shown me.

I was in Florida (prior to going out of state for med school), so I might be able to shed some light on that, too. While they say they “require” that, it’s not a hard and fast rule. My cumulative was 3.0 when I applied, and I interviewed at 3 out of the 4 Florida MD schools (should be 5 by the time you apply, with UCF adding one soon). I quite liked USF, and they liked me. UF and FSU weren’t the best fits, a feeling that I think was mutual. But they all gave me a chance. FWIW, I took about 2 years total of post-bacc coursework; I didn’t complete a whole new degree. My new coursework included almost all of the med school prereqs (ie I hadn’t completed them in my initial undergrad), as well as some other interesting stuff.

Don’t sweat the things you can’t change. Your cumulative GPA is going to be one of those things. Some schools might screen you out based on that. But not all will.

Just do your best, find the right path for you, and you can make it work.


Would mind telling me what you got on your MCATS, volunteer experience, in-state vs out of state, etc…?

My biggest concern is taking 2-3 years in my 30’s to obtain a great science gpa doing pre-reqs, but not getting in do to old grades (3.2 undergrad in Poli Sci) or perhaps not a stellar MCAT…any advice?

Hah, I said “quickly sum up.” Apparently, I’m not capable of that

Hello everyone, been a while.

Since last I posted I visited my alma mater and they said there is no reason for me not to be accepted for a second Bachelors in Biology(BS). I only have to complete the application as per the rules for people who have been gone more than 3 semesters. I think a BS is a good call as the extra time will allow me to bring my GPA up, allow me time to volunteer and assist in reasearch, and my previous degree in theatre hasn’t really primed with science for the med school pre-reqs.

The only disheartening thing is my financial aide outlook. I filled out my Fafsa, but didnt really get a positive resonse from the automated reply based on my info. I called my financial aid office and due to some extenuating circumstances I can petition. So not totally bad, but a little stressful. I am the most excited/nervous as ive been in a long time.

pi1304, im in florida too, more south than Orlando, though.

This site is awesome. Thank you all so much for the support. it definately would be a lonesome road with you all

My cum GPA is really bad…I’m probably going to be in school forever, but that’s ok. If I get to finish my residency then kick the bucket, I will die with at least 1 dream fulfilled!