Dilemma!! Change the date?

So I just registered last week to take the MCAT. When I originally registered all the June dates within 100 miles were filled, but I just checked the site again, and now there are a couple spots open. Figures right? lol

I registered for the July 16 date, but now the June 16 date is open. Should I pay the 50 bucks and take it in June? I wouldn’t mind the extra time, but I am a little worried about timeliness taking the mid-July test.

Why is everything to do with this test so stressful?

Rule is to take the MCAT when you are ready and when you can do well. Ignore the $50 buck fee as a factor one way or the other.

Will the four weeks really help you? will you get to do an extra 8 practice exams during that time? Will you be able to get the rest of your application materials in during that 4 weeks so all the schools are just waiting for the MCAT scores?

Yes, you’ll be behind the curve a bit by taking it in July but not outrageously so. But if you take it June with less prep time will it decrease your score and make you less attractive as an applicant?

So after all the thoughts above (fueled by a really strong press pot of coffee) it boils down to on which date do you feel you would do better on the MCAT? If you feel that prepping 4 more weeks would increase your score by at least 2 or more points, than take it July. If not, then take it June