Disability services for ADD/ADHD during undergrad...?

I was diagnosed with ADD in January. At the time, I was at a community college but did not use disability services in any way for my classes. I am starting at the university next month and the one I am going to is the home of the med school I would like to go to as well. My sister is a student at a different school and she has ADHD. She was telling me about their disability services and the ways she has received help (being allowed to record lectures, extra time on tests, access to an app called Sonocent that helps her organize her lecture recordings and notes, etc.). She says the instructors are not allowed to ask about the disability and are not allowed to share the fact that she has these accommodations with anyone.

My question is if I was to request minimal accomodations (probably just being allowed to record lectures), could this affect my reputation at that school and taint their view of me as a student? I want to make a good impression with the instructors and administration that also manage the medical school there. Is this something that could hurt me in the future if I was to utilize their disability services?

Although I don’t know much in this area, I did find this website to be kind of helpful! (link below)
It doesn’t answer all of your question, but it states “Admissions offices typically won’t look at these things before admitting a student. Under ADA, they’re not allowed to accept or request any information about a student’s disabilities”.
I hope this was helpful to you and that someone with more knowledge can help!

link to quote! ^

Wish you the best on your journey!

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That is a great resource! Thank you!

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