Disadvantaged but Older and no longer disadvantaged

I grew up in a household that made under the poverty line when I was in k-12.
I ran away when I was 16, had my son when I was 17 and worked during high school,
worked 3 jobs through college when I was going back in 2010.

I switched careers and have finally started being successful in the past few years, I’m a senior software engineer for a company on the coast.

Would I still be considered “disadvantaged”? I want to have some kind of recognition of how far I’ve come despite the many many setbacks I had by virtue of being poor, but at the same time I don’t want to sound woe is me, because i’m past that in my life.

I just started my application and noticed that it asks what your family’s household income was when during your growing up years, so yes, I think your background would definitely be considered disadvantaged. Although, there may be some specific definition that I’m not aware of - for scholarship purposes, perhaps?