Disciplinary Record (NOT for alcohol/drugs)


I am considering applying to postbaccs in order to do my prereqs for medical school but am concerned I will have a tough time getting into med school with my disciplinary record.

It is not on my transcript, but I was put on brief probation for “physical abuse” after a fight broke out between me and my roommate and was seen by an RA.

All the q/a i see about disciplinary records not mattering are about substance abuse, but I am worried this is far worse and will bar me from admission.

Hello @MandAniac

This is a nuanced situation, but ultimately comes down to when it occurred and how you articulate the lessons learned from this experience. We can certainly assist you with your post-bacc and medical school journey. Take a look at our Instagram page @premed_collab and feel free to send us a message. Our website is premedcollab.org.