distance learning

Hi everyone, not sure if this should be a new thread or not but while surfing the net i went to University of New England DO website to look at their prereqs and for general info. Now I know that not every med school requires BIO CHEM but UNE does. Anyhow in the FYI dept. they offer a ‘distance learning course’ in Bio Chem which looks very good. If nothing else the practice exams are a great review. I want to know if anyone is taking this or has in the past and most important…is it looked on positively on academic record being a distance course and all.
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At best, most med schools “do not recommend” meeting required coursework with distance learning classes. And it goes downhill from there. Plan accordingly.

hi - someone just answered a question i had about another biochem requirement for a different school and they mentioned they were familiar with the une program…http://www.oldpremeds.org/invboard/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t=1675 - it’s under “applying to med school” and the posting is “usc mol bio and biochem requirement?” (may not be exact words used)
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