Diversity Office encouraging applying

I am 39, have a BA in Econ from Northwestern, and a Masters Degree in Divinity, and B.S. in Biology from UWM finished in 2003 (my most recent degree). I have applied to medical schools, took the MCAT this year and did “good”, but not great. Two schools I did not apply to was Northwestern and Emory because my MCAT scores were not as high as their average. Their diversity office sent me a letter “encouraging me to apply” based on my MCAT scores last week. Both schools are extremely expensive, even if I do get an interview. It is also late in the game. Should I apply?

Yes, you should apply. If they are sending letters encouraging you to apply, then it’s not too late. Yes, they may be expensive, but you never know what kind of scholarships they may have to offer, especially if you are an underrepresented minority.

If you’re concerned about spending the extra $$$ on their secondaries, then call the Diversity Office and talk to someone there who can give you an idea of whether or not it’s worth your time and money to apply.

Thanks. Northwestern said they would wave secondary fees I am an African American woman.

Best wishes!

Definitely apply! And make sure to call the diversity affairs office to let them know to expect your application so they can know “look” for it. Good luck!