DNP vs Physician

I received my Bachelors in biology back in 2015, and I am going through a career change after several years in the research sector. I am really interested in pursuing family medicine/rural health. I am debating between becoming a DNP which will get me to the goal faster (about 3-4 years to completion). Alternatively, I am considering aiming for med school (with pre reqs, app cycle, med school, residency, it would be 7-8 years to completion). Considering NP and a doctor have similar roles in the realm of family medicine. What are the pros and cons of going either career direction? I have dreamed of becoming a physician for years, but the length of time is having me reconsider. Whereas I can obtain nursing degree in 12 months through an accelerated BSN program, and then i can also work while I am getting my DNP.

Thoughts/opinions/etc… are welcomed!


I am in the same boat. From what I’ve learned, it doesn’t seem like DNP is really a great degree for preparing one to practice medicine. There’s lot of writing essays and nursing theory. Also, the NP role is really for veteran nurses with lots of experience ie 10, 20 years. I just don’t see how anyone can say that DNP and MD are equivalent, but that’s just me. There’s a reason why med school takes long.