Do all US schools have a 5 year cut off for Pre-Reqs when applying?

I heard this from someone and just wanted to know if anyone was SURE about this. Wondering if any MD/DO schools will accept my BS that is 9 years old.


Many schools absolutely WILL accept older prereqs. What they want to see is recent success in academics (take a couple upper level classes if needed) and a solid MCAT score to show that you have retained enough of the information. If there are specific schools you are interested in, look on their websites for their specific policies and/or e-mail their admissions offices for their specifics.

Good luck!

Like gonnif would say: “it depends”.

As 7wheels pointed out, you should get in touch with admissions of the schools you target to make sure that you do what is needed. My experience shows that the admission offices are the best place to get the information from.

I went through admissions requirements for every school I was interested in and narrowed my list to only schools that will accept my “old” credits. They are out there. Last thing I wanted to do at my age was take a bachelor’s over again.