Do English and humanities coursework have a time expiration?


I’m wrapping up DIY Postbacc, and have come across a few DO and MD schools I’d like to apply to that mention 2 courses in the behavioral sciences (psych, etc) and 2 courses specific to writing/english. I took the equivalent of AP english my senior year of HS (2007-2008) through Syracuse University, which meets the criteria of an intensive english/writing coursework. Do DO and MD schools have an issue with when I took these courses? Do I need to retake them? Same for psych…this was done before 2012.

You may want to call up some medical schools that you’re interested in to get their take on it. When I called, they didn’t really care that my english credits were also in 2007-2008. I did retake psych since it is a major component of the MCAT.