Do I have a chance for this cycle?

Hello everyone!

I’m fresh graduate student (earned my bachelor’s last Spring). I have a GPA 3.97, however I haven’t taken the MCAT yet (I’m taking it by end of August). Unfortunately, I haven’t made any clinical hours at all due to the pandemic, but there’s a good potential that I will able to start to work as a medical assistant very soon. For shadowing, I have just very few hours of eShadowing but I plan on in-person shadowing very soon as well. So my question is: do you think I can catch up this cycle if I get a good score of MCAT?

Really big thanks for alla your contributions and efforts.


Hey Ahmed,

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But I would seriously consider postponing until next cycle. The biggest hurdle I see here is just time. Unfortunately, with the AMCAS already open for this cycle you simply don’t have time on your side. Especially considering that most med schools operate on a rolling admissions process and will likely push your application aside until it is complete (i.e. when they receive your MCAT). Even if you get the score you want, by the time schools receive it, there is a solid chance the class will be filled already.

Combine that with pressure to gain quality clinical and shadowing experience in such a short time and I think odds are good you will be asked to reapply next cycle anyway.

I know this probably isn’t the “advice” that you wanted to hear, but if it were me I’d rather take the extra time, strengthen my application and apply next year, rather than potentially spend all that money only to be told my information wasn’t received in time to be considered.

Whatever you decide, best of luck!

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I really appreciate your advice and guidance.

If I wait and apply in the next cycle, would it be wise to take my MCAT in January? Also, just out of curiosity, would having a stronger application provide me a better financial aid and student loans for my medical school journey?

Again, thank you so much for you advice, that means the world to me.


If you feel ready to take the MCAT in August, then I’d stick with that. This would provide you the opportunity to retake it later if you for some reason don’t get the score you want. However, if you feel pushing it off until January would allow you to be better prepared, then that could also be an option. Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of repeatedly pushing it of because of anxiety about the test.

As far as financial aid, I’m honestly not sure. I would think that financial aid is based on financial need, not your application strength. The only exception I can think of is merit based aid, but these are usually private scholarships that you apply for independent of your med school application. Nevertheless, your best bet on obtaining quality financial aid information is contacting FAFSA (for information on government student loans) and/or the financial aid department of the med schools you want to attend.

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