Do I have a chance?: Music to Medicine

Hello Everyone! Here’s a little background information:

I’m 23 years old and I’m finishing a Bachelor of Music at the University of Evansville, I took a semester off to have surgery and took some online classes at community college (which was a bad idea because I didn’t care enough about them and my life was turned upside down by an OATS procedure, but here we are), and now I’m planning on getting a second degree in Biology from University of Southern Indiana because it is a cost friendly option.

My GPA information is as follows:
3.43 at UE (118.5 credits)
2.45 at CC (11 credits)

I should also say, only two of the courses (taken at UE) will be included in the Science GPA and they were both B+ and were taken my sophomore year.

Obviously, I plan to work as hard as possible when I’m at USI for the next two years, but I was just wondering if I would even have a chance with that 2.45 from CC? It’s definitely the product of lack of motivation because of the limbo of not being on campus and recovering from the OATS, but I think it looks really bad.

Thanks in advance!


Check out violin md on YouTube, she even played violin to help pay for school