Do I have a chance with a 496 MCAT?

Currently have a 3.6gpa and 3.4cgpa, and 496 MCAT. Everything else about my application is at the standard I think (good LORs, avg ECs, PS, etc) but the only major red flag is my MCAT score. As a URM, do I take my chance this cycle or should I wait a year and try the MCAT again?

If I do wait a year, would doing an SMP be beneficial since my gpa isn’t the best (or the worst)? Or should I spend the year beefing up my EC hours and other things?

I personally would suggest a retake. A 496 shows me that you’re missing content gaps. Aim for 500+. Remember that med schools want to know if you can pass their rigorous curriculum and do well on the STEP exams. A 496 does not give them enough confidence that you will. Another thing to consider is that other URMs are scoring above 500s.

Is it still possible to apply and get an interview? Possibly. I know someone with a sub-500 MCAT score that got into medical school. However, he also had a higher GPA, which gave them more confidence in him succeeding.

What ECs do you currently have? Also, are you a FAP recipient? If so, it may be worth taking a chance in applying since it is almost a free application cycle (the trade-off being time spent).