Do I keep it a secret that I want to be a Psychiatrist?

Hi all,

I am thrilled to have found this site! I am a post-bac in a “self-designed” pre-health program. It is great knowing so many others over the age of 30 have taken the leap into medicine. This fall will be my first official semester taking the pre-reqs for applying to medical school. Last semester was a “warm-up” semester for me.

I have been wanting to get into this for a while and life has just bullied itself in my path. My ultimate goal is to practice Psychiatry. I have heard that I should keep that on the down-low when talking to medical schools. Has anyone else ever heard that? Also I have been an underachiever all my academic career. I need some feedback on how to make myself marketable beyond my grades and MCAT scores. I use to be really involved in lots of different things but since I moved to CA 2.5 years ago I have no network and no affiliations and no real hobbies other than my 1.5 yo son!

I hope this wasn’t super obnoxious of me, to put all that out there…

I look forward to developing some relationships through OPM!

To start off with, Welcome to OPM. You are among kindred spirits. If you have a question, as you already do, I am sure that it has already been asked and search the forums, you may find it.

Regarding your question, if you are asked in an Interview what type of medicine you would like to practice (and this is commonly asked), there is no problems with telling them. However, be aware that just like college you may wind up practicing something else. Reassure the interviewer that you do not have tunnel vision and that while Psychiatry is what you are looking at now, things may change as you progress through your medical school career and that you want to keep an open mind and not tunnel vision.

Thanks for the welcome and the feedback Gabelerman!

Agree 100% with Gabe. There is no need to keep this a secret. These are medical schools you’re applying to, they realize that psychiatry is part of the MD program. Regardless of what specialty one might be considering when applying to medical school, feelings change once people get into the clinical years and are exposed to new things. I think most important for the interviews is just to have practiced answering the inevitable followup question…“Oh, that’s interesting, and why psychiatry?” You sound like you have a strong passion for psych and your discussion of this question may very well be what sets you apart from others interviewing (showing some maturity in the decision-making process of pursuing medicine.)

Best wishes!

More power to you… and I wish you the best of luck with your dreams. Though I think you have to be nuts to study psych… (just kidding)

I work in Primary care and have a great deal of difficulty finding psychiarty consult sufficient to meet demand – your services will be despirately needed. Let me give my card - call me when you are close to done and I will try to convince you to come to NH!!

I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to NH!! Did my undergrad there… I’m a New England ex-pat. living in CA.

Sadly it wasn’t Dartmouth…

I want desperately to go to med school and while I am inspired by others on this site I am finding that I feel slightly ill-prepared. I know in my heart that I am capable and will have talent as a physician. I just feel that I am lacking the necessary credentials to actually get into medical school. I went to state schools. Worked low level positions and I don’t have a masters…

I was accepted into the MSW program but turned it down because it wouldn’t allow for me to fast track my pre-reqs. I hope it wasn’t a mistake…

I don’t want to fall into the self doubt mire. I just signed up to volunteer in the local ED. I have some practical pharmacology experience. As I mentioned above I was a pretty unfocused student. I was able to graduate with a cum above 3.0 but not without blemishes. I have gotten encouragement from other psychiatrists. ARRRGGGH. So many missed opportunities, squandered youth…

I love this site!!

Thanks for the feedback, insight, support…


BTW, where in NH?

Thanks for the thoughtful reply : )