Do I Need A Post-Bacc

Hello everyone! I recently graduated from undergrad and plan to apply to medical school next year in 2023. I was wondering if I needed a post-bacc, or if my GPA trend is good enough (as doing a post-bacc would be financially burdensome considering my financial situation right now). The numbers in parentheses are credit hours calculated from mappd.

My Class Standing Science GPA trend is as follows;
Freshman: 1.96(19)
Sophomore: 2.64(22)
Junior: 3.32(21.5)
Senior: 3.83(34)
Cumulative Science GPA: 3.08

My Overall Cumulative undergrad class standing GPA trend is as follows;
Cumulative undergrad: 3.05

I graduated with 140.5 credits rather than the standard 120 credits at my university, as I wanted to take extra science classes to boost my science GPA, and show that I could handle science classes. I plan to apply to mostly osteopathic schools. Thank you, and I appreciate all the advice!