Do I Need A Post-Bacc

Hello everyone! I recently graduated from undergrad and plan to apply to medical school next year in 2023. I was wondering if I needed a post-bacc, or if my GPA trend is good enough (as doing a post-bacc would be financially burdensome considering my financial situation right now). The numbers in parentheses are credit hours calculated from mappd.

My Class Standing Science GPA trend is as follows;
Freshman: 1.96(19)
Sophomore: 2.64(22)
Junior: 3.32(21.5)
Senior: 3.83(34)
Cumulative Science GPA: 3.08

My Overall Cumulative undergrad class standing GPA trend is as follows;
Cumulative undergrad: 3.05

I graduated with 140.5 credits rather than the standard 120 credits at my university, as I wanted to take extra science classes to boost my science GPA, and show that I could handle science classes. I plan to apply to mostly osteopathic schools. Thank you, and I appreciate all the advice!

what are your MCAT scores, extra curricular activities, do you have shadowing experience? that will help get a bigger picture of the route you should take. the GPA isn’t the worst or the best, its good that you have an upward trend. if you havnt taken the MCAT yet i would suggest reading every reddit, student doctor network and youtube videos about it and find free resources, start studying about 5 months before you plan to take the test 4-8 hours a day whatever you can do and do material synthesis then as many practice questions and full lengths by the AAMC as you can and get a great score to boost your application.