Do I need to shadow if I am an NP?

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I would love to return to primary care (FM) one day as a fully fledged professional, hence MD/DO route. However, as per med. school reqs lists, shadowing is required. As an NP, I have worked alongside MDs and DOs in primary care. I have been doing many things that they do including screaming matches on the phone with insurance companies, challenges of EHR, forms, paperwork, leaving work at 9:30 PM vs. 5 PM etc. etc. Of course, patient care goes without saying.

Based on above, does anyone who is an NP on this forum and is in a similar situation advise if med. school would still want you to shadow in this case?

As a side thought, If I am dead-set on internal or family med., is it desirable that I still shadow other specialties? i.e.: ortho, GI, cardio, neuro, etc.?

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also, because of endless amount of questions re: process that I have and because it is so new to me, whom can I address all my questions to if I am doing DIY pre-med and do not have a formal post-bac/premed advisor? is there a consulting service, person?

Don’t know about whether you really need to shadow. But they’re not really mandating diversity of exploration either. All of my shadow time was following the same dude around the ED. This question would probably be good to ask directly to a school that actually officially requires shadowing. (Pretty standard unwritten requirement at many places).

This forum is a relatively decent advisory source. I used the forums plus the guidance of my MD/DO mentors with my application essays and what not. There’s at least one pro advisor on the site, I think her name is Liza? Other sources are out there. All the ones I saw on the Internet were pretty expensive for their time.

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thank you so much for the list. Sorry I could not reply via PM, got a message saying I don’t have privileges. I have emailed administrators for help.

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No worries. It’s strange that you’re not the first person to have run into this same problem. I don’t know why it isn’t just automatic when you sign up.