Do I need to update my English credits?

I have a BA from 1988, none of the science prerequisites were accumulated while attaining that degree. All my science prerequisite are within the last 2.5 years. My GPA over those 48 credit hours is 3.96. I see that most all allopathic schools require 6 hrs of english composition or literature. I have those classes covered in my BA, do I need those hrs to be more current? Some schools do not mention the english requirement but others do. These were my worst classes way back when and I would hate to take them again if its not necessary. They have the potential to upset my current GPA.
Thanks again.

It’s doubtful that you will need to retake English courses if you have the required credit. I took most of my English in 88-89, and even the schools that listed English as a requirement never blinked at the age.
But, if it’s a concern for a school you are really interested in attending, then call the school and ask them if there is any limit on how old English courses can be. Make sure you specify the English, because some are particular about how old the SCIENCE pre-reqs can be.