Do I need volunteering if working as a CMA?

Hi my name is John and I am new to the forum. I just recently started my journey as a premed and I listen to the podcast often, It has already answered many question I had before setting down this road but I can’t recall if this has been covered or not.
Will I need volunteering hours in the future if I have been working as a CMA for the past 4 years?

I current work in a Cardiologist office for a DO and he’s one of the coolest doctors I have ever worked for. In my 4 years as a CMA I have worked in Internal Medicine,Neuro and now Cardiology.

Just curious if me working in the field close enough to “Smell” the patient will suffice or do I NEED to volunteer at a doctors office or hospital. I would have no problem doing this as I am in very good standing with the owners of the office I previously worked at and am currently employed by one of the largest hospital systems in the state (south carolina). Thank you for all you do,I really enjoying listening to all the podcast.