Do I stand a chance?

I have a BS in Biology (GPA 2.7 - '04) and a MS in Entomology - Invertebrate Pathology (GPA 3.5 -'09). Will this grad work improve my standings at all?

I have extensive research experience in the US and abroad. I also have shadowed ER doctors and a physical therapist. How important is it have exclusive shadowing of a DO doctor relative to an MD? I intend to do more but my full time job sometimes gets in the way. What else can I do to enhance my profile?

I just took the January MCAT and hoping for the best. I just want to get the ball rolling anywhere that is accredited but am open to a non-accredited and transferring.

Seeking for advice on how best to sell myself.


Do you stand a chance?? Let’s just say I wouldnt want to be your competition! I don’t know about your shadowing question yet as I’m just starting my Pre-Med Bio this year, but the only thing holding you back is that you should ask the question Do I Stand A Chance? I know because I wasted about two years asking myself the same question, and every time I tried to choose a more “realistic” path, I was haunted by the call of Medicine. When you make up your mind to do it, peace and confidence will wash over you, and give you the strength you need for the journey. Go For It - don’t let anything stand in your way…not even You.