Do I start over in post counts?

Hi all,
I used to post here a long time ago. I guess when it said I was no longer in the data base, that meant I had to reregister. I guess that is why my post number shows zero. Oh well, my fault, I seem to remember getting emails about posting a number of years back but I didn’t follow through. My bad.
Anyway, I wanted to say Hi to all. I look forward to posting with you all. I just found out that the current president goes to the school I will be attending next year. Yippee for VCOM.

Amy, welcome back. I’ve seen your posts on SDN. Congrats on your acceptance to VCOM, you’re destined to have a LOT of fun!
(I’m “mamadoc,” rare poster but same avatar on SDN)

Congrats on your acceptance to VCOM!
Richardson, TX