Do online courses meet Pre-req Requirements?

Do online Chemistry courses, such as those offered by UNE, meet the pre-med pre-req requirement of Physician Assistant programs in USA or medical/dental schools or any other health professions for that matter.

I already have a Bachelors and Masters degree, so just want to do these online courses to improve my GPA and also since my grades were not great back in undergraduate.

Can anyone please shed some light on this issue. thanks a million!:slight_smile:

Generally speaking, no. The content may be excellent, and people sometimes do post here to say they got into medical school with online prerequisites, but it’s not going to help your application very much.

It’s better to have recent, in-classroom courses with hands-on labs and some face contact with live professors who can write you nice letters of recommendation. UNE’s courses might work for you if you are applying to UNE, though. Best of luck,

I can’t speak to PA programs or dent school, but I think you can assume that med schools take a very dim view of online coursework for pre-med requirements.



I’m curious if admissions still looks down at online classes if you are out of the country and can’t take them in the U.S.? Is there another option?

Probably your best option for that specific question is to talk to a couple of the schools that you are interested in applying to and see what they think. Obviously you have a unique situation.