Do Schools look at your major compared to GPA

I have a low GPA but had an extremely tough Major - Biomedical Engineering and pre-med. The engineering courses were extremely difficult. I spread myself very thin and ended up doing mediocre in all my courses. I also worked 3 jobs at the time and tried to have a somewhat normal college life. I’m planning to take all of my pre-med courses again. Will Med schools take into consideration a degree in biomedical engineering compared to someone who did well in business and took pre-med courses for example? If so, how much does that weigh?

Typically, yes, they do take the difficulty of a major into consideration. A degree in engineering (of any kind) or physics or something like that is generally considered more difficult than a biology degree.

I don’t know if you necessarily need to retake all of your pre-med courses again - depends on grades, age, etc, but you should definitely take some upper level science courses and do extremely well in them.

I second Emergency!'s advice. Take some upper-level courses and prove that you can handle the tougher, more advanced material. Just make sure you do well --med schools want to see an upward trend in grades, especially if your inital grades are less than stellar.

Good luck!