Do you guys mind sharing your numbers?

For those who have been accepted into med school, would you guys mind sharing your numbers (GPA, post-bacc. GPA, MCAT score)?
Not to be rude, just trying to get some idea what kind of numbers can get you into med school.
Thank you in advance.

Undergrad: 2.78
Masters: 4.00
Post-bacc: 3.96
MCAT: VR 11, BS 10, PS 10
Applied 5 schools, accepted at 4, deferred at 1.

Undergraduate GPA (15 yrs old): 2.4

40 credits of Postbacc Work: 4.0

MCAT: 33Q (PS:12, VR:11, BS:10)

Applied to a dozen MD schools, most sent secondaries, only one interviewed and it has placed me on the waitlist.

Applied to 5 DO schools, all sent secondaries (only completed two of them), both interviewed and subsequently accepted me.

Undergrad (class of '93) - GPA 3.1, BCPM 3.1
Post Bac (33 credits) - 4.0
21 school applied to (way too much - all sent secondaries)
9 secondaries completed (more reasonable)
7 interview invites
5 interviews attended
5 acceptances

If you look at, you will get a very good idea of what kind of stats people have (MCAT, etc. plus volunteering and extracurr activities), where they applied and where they got in. You can sort by age to get a big picture.

Undergrad 3.0
Graduate - 3.5
Mcat - 31
2 schools applied to - 1 interview - 1 acceptance
1 graduation in June!

how the heck did you get 41???
did you apply to mud/phud?


how the heck did you get 41???
did you apply to mud/phud?

I ask myself the same thing all the time. :slight_smile: I think I was well prepared, and felt going in I would get about a 35, based on practice tests and such. I just had a really good conditions and a good day.

And no MD/PhD. Just straight MD