Do you need to live near campus for M3 M4?

The reason I ask is that I currently have a home about 60 miles from one school I may attend and about 100 miles from another.
I realize that for my first two years of medical school, when I’m in the classroom setting, I’m probably going to have to make arrangements to have an apartment near campus where I can stay during the week.
But what about your 3rd and 4th years when you are traveling to different places for your rotations? Is having a residence very close to the medical school campus that important? The reason I ask is that if it’s a matter of two years, I’ll probably just keep most of my things where they are. But if it’s a matter of four (or more) years, then it’s probably time to do some planning with a more permanent move in mind.

It might depend on the school. For some schools you may do all your rotations in a couple of hospitals in the same city as the school. So technically, unless you decide to do away rotations, you can spend all of 3rd and 4th year in the same place.