Doctors and Cash

Okay. My IM attending gave us a joke today.

How do you hide cash from a surgeon? Put it in the chart.

How do you hide cash from an internal medicine doctor? Put it under the bandage.


How do you hide a $100 bill…

…from a pediatrician?

You don’t need to, s/he doesn’t know what one looks like.

…from an orthopaedist?

Inside a textbook.

…from a plastic surgeon?

It’s never been done.

I think there are a whole bunch more of these. My memory is only good for dirty jokes.


Not a money joke but fits into the pattern; saw this on a medical student blog this morning

Q: What’s the definition of a randomised double-blind study?

A: 2 orthopaedic surgeons looking at an ECG.


I like that one. Considering I work in a ortho surgery practice, I might have to try that one tomorrow.