Documentary: Doctor's Diaries

For all my obsessed OPM friends, there is a PBS documentary called Doctor’s Diaries on Netflix that follows 7 students for 21 years starting at the beginning of their MD at Harvard. It’s my lunchtime distraction today :slight_smile:

It is a good documentary, but it can be a buzzkill seeing how many of those folks were married and divorced.

Isn’t that a pretty old documentary? As in, I was in high school when it was made?

Bailey - yeah, it was really tragic for divorces. I don’t think anyone was with their original partner at all. The EM guy was super, super depressing. I wish they would’ve focused a little more on some of the more positive stories than him.

Pixie - the Netflix date says 2009, but one of the final dates given said a couple separated in 2004. It is pretty old, but it’s still interesting to see how they felt about anatomy lab or how they thought seriously about a specialty during a rotation only to get bad feedback, and the paths they took after the fact. Not something I’d put my money on, but being on instant streaming and multi-tasking while it was on, it was worth watching.

I saw it and it is interessting but I found it a bit depressing.

A series I liked more was boston med. You can find the entire 8 episodes on hulu .

LOVED Boston Med… I bought it on Amazon…

I saw the documentary years ago and felt then like I do now: I’m sooooo glad I didn’t attend med school as a traditional student when I knew a LOT less about “life” than I thought I did, LOL!!!

I’ll definitely check out Boston Med!

Thanks for the link . . .

got through the first 60 seconds of the first episode and had such flash backs to my time in a teaching hospital ER.

Residents! and Attendings

Gotta love it when one is sinking and the other tosses both ends of the rope and walks away.

Made the mistake of watching Doctors’ Diaries with my wife the other night. A balanced perspective on marriage in the medical field would have been appreciated.

I was a big fan of Boston Med, and I’ve also purchased the full run of Boston Med’s predecessor,“Hopkins,” from iTunes. If anyone knows where to find free episodes of Hopkins online, please post a link.

I’d never heard of either show. That’s part of what I love about this site. I feel like I’m always being exposed to a new resource/source of information of some sort or another. I found Doctor’s Diaries on the PBS site. NOVA has both parts available to view for free there (in case you don’t have Netflix). Off to check out Boston Med now. Thanks for the link Redo. :slight_smile:

This just popped up on my Netflix recommendations – watching now and figured I’d pop in to see if it had been posted here. I’m not married so the divorce stuff isn’t getting me down personally, but I feel like I can already connect with the vague panic these student doctors feel in the early years.

I watched Hopkins when it was on, I’ll have to check out Boston Med.