Does 30K require a re-take?

Hello Everyone,

I am in an embarassing situation, where I scored a glorious K in writing section of the MCAT. My breakdown on September MCAT was: 11PS, 08VR, 11BS, and K in writing!.

Yes, English isn’t my first language and I admit that I didn’t adequately prepare for this section but I’m too embrassaed to even ask anyone, including my premed advisor.

So here I am behind a computer screen, asking for any opinion. Thank you in advance.

Not in my opinion. Generally MCAT retakes result in a lower score than before.

  • gabelerman Said:
Not in my opinion. Generally MCAT retakes result in a lower score than before.

I have to concur with soon-to-be doctor gabe. With a 30, even with the K, if the rest of your application criteria is good to excellent, you have a risk making it worse with a an MCAT retake

Are you happy with the 30? If you are OK with the 30 you should try to apply with the K. I got a 30L (and i am a native English speaker, no idea what happened)and I have 4 MD interview invites so far. My GPA is good but not a 4.0. Just make sure you write really good essays for the actual applications. Are you applying this year? If you are its more the timeline that I would be worried about instead of the “K”

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

If you’re happy with 30, don’t retake it. I also had an inexplicably low essay score…I think a K or L, appealed and had it raised a letter or two. The low MCAT essay score was not even brought up during interviews, but the personal statement was. This was 9 years ago, so not sure what most other adcoms would do, but considering my own strange experience I don’t give it much weight.