Does a second MCAT delay your application?

I have heard that a pending test date delays application, is this true if you already have one done? If so is it AMCAS that delays sending the application or the actual medical schools that delay evaluating until all the scores are in? Is this also true for ACCOMAs?

No. AAMCAS and AACOMAS do NOT delay sending your application because you will take the MCAT after you submit. They only delay if they do not have all of the paperwork they request.

However, once you application is received by the schools, they will delay reviewing it until your new MCAT score comes in.

ditto to the above.

it will not delay central processing of your application just the processing by individual schools if you are waiting for a new score

good luck!!

Does AMCAS automatically know that you are registered for a second MCAT or do you have to tell them?

AMCAS automatically knows and the schools in turn are informed. It should be noted that some students on other sites have claimed schools have rejected them based on first MCAT scores even though second testing date had been made. Therefore, I would thing it may be advisable to contact the schools and let them know your are scheduled for a second MCAT.

The other point is students should consider several factors before retaking a “late” MCAT (August and later).

If your score was borderline (say mid to high 20’s) will you show enough improvement to make an impact on your application?

Will the balance of any improved score be high enough to overcome the higher applicant to seat ratio that a rolling admissions process invariably has as the cycle goes on?

If you did score low on your first try, do you have a good understanding as to why?

Do you risk getting a worse score?

Did you build in study time into your schedule? (this is an issue with younger students who take a spring MCAT, have a full summer planned thinking the exam is history and try to rearrange their schedule between summer jobs, vacation, etc.

Lastly, the general rule of thumb is that an applicant who has more that 3 MCAT scores has reduced chances of acceptance. If you take an exam in May and do badly (strike 1) and then rush to retake in August with no real improvement (strike 2), you are risking strike 3 on the last MCAT, whenever that might be.

So, while I am not a big fan of late MCAT’s, if you are intending to take it, make sure you have a good handle on why you didn’t do well the first time, you have had plenty of additional prep time, and that you do CONSISTENTLY well on several practice exams. If these criteria are not met, my suggestion is to cancel the exam, withdraw the application, and wait until next year when you can be a much stronger candidate

they know. Even with the tin foil hat and the anti-brain control waves, they know

Ha then I wasted all that tinfoil for nothing! I originally took on 7/8/10 and had been getting around 32 on practices prior. I just felt unprepared for the general chemistry (of which unfortunately I felt was very well represented on the test I took)so I am worried that my PS score may be low because I guessed on waaaay too many questions (7-8?ish) the other two sections felt fine. After the test I took two more practices and scored 34 and 37). So I know I can score better especially if I take the month to prepare focusing on gen chem. My current plan is to sign up for 8/13 test date, knowing that I will get scores back from the original MCAT on 8/10. If the scores are OK (all sections 8 or above totaling above 29)then I will cancel test. If scores are not good I will retake and void if I feel again I messed up on a section. If all sections feel OK I will complete and submit the 8/13 test and hope that this late test will save me for this cycle. Any reasoning I am missing? Other suggestions?

I mean I think I scored 7-8 ish on the PS section (not I guessed on that many questions) that post was a bit confuseing Im afraid

i walked out last time i took it thinking i absolutely tanked ps…there was an entire passage i thought i screwed up and with everything being so different i was sure i scored a 7. i ended up with a 9…better than i thought i did.

the thing i forgot and is hard to remember is sometimes you have experimental passages or questions on your test and that these do not reflect in your score if you get them wrong. the questions you guessed on may fall into this category.

i think yoru plan is good in as far as you will know where you stand before you ahve to take it again. spend the time between now and then shoring up where you think your weaknesses are and you will rock the beast!!

Thanks Becky I am sure gonna try! Ill let you know how this turns out.