Does anyone have Audio Osmosis to Sell/Loan

Hi there,

I am looking for audio osmosis. If anyone has a copy they want to sell/loan/give, I will gladly hear from you! I work at a job that allows me to listen to talk radio/music and I think audio osmosis could really hep! Thanks! You can respond here or PM me.

try this link, this is how i listened to them:!/album/Audio+Osmosi s+Disc…

Virtual smooch to Trampas!

Hi there.

I believe I have a set of mp3 files somewhere (not sure, but I think I do). If you are interested let me know. I’d be happy to give that to you.

Good luck.

Yes I would love those MP3s! I am listening on grooveshark, which is great–but for driving it would be great to actually have the MP3s. You can PM me or reply back here. Thanks!