Does anyone here have any experience with AMSA? American Medical Student As

Greetings All,

I was curious to find out if any of you have signed up or know anything at all about AMSA? They are an association for pre-med and medical school students. They have their own regional chapters and chairmanships and everything. They even publish their own magazine.

I ask because I signed up earlier on and have gotten emails about activities, none being local, but never from people that would be in my region. Kind of seems like a waste, though I absolutely love the idea and concept, and they are nationally recognized, and even do alot of campaigning on health issues in D.C. It just seems impossible to network with anyone.

I did get one email from someone but it was from a chapter from a different state, so it was useless…Just curious…I recommend you check it out if you’ve never seen it or been to their site.

The website is

Thanks for the link! I don’t have any experience with AMSA but have heard about it. It will be interesting to see if anyone else on here has experience with it and what their impression has been. I saw on there they started and I really am all behind that! I am definitely for no advertising products being given out by pharm companies…despite the fact that I adored my Zoloft "little happy pill guy’ clock!Mehgan


I joined as a pre-med student, but didn’t get involved too much. I went to their medical school fair a couple of years ago (because I needed some encouragement

The medical school fair was awesome. I also attended a seminar or two, however, the group seemed (to me) to be populated by a lot of young college pre-meds - let’s just say I felt pretty old being there, but I went anyway. I don’t necessarily agree with the organization’s position on social issues (something I attribute to youth - not trying to sleight anyone… it’s just that attitudes change once you’ve experienced life…)

I was thinking about attending the med school fair this coming March, but that remains to be seen right now…

Interesting…So you’d say it is kind of like SDN? Alot of maturity issues? I can see that…

So what IS a good organization to have on your app if AMSA isn’t your speed?

Good, no GREAT question Mika. I was hoping to find that out myself…That’s why I was inquiring about amsa. Maybe somebody has a suggestion for us…

Hi again:

I’m not saying AMSA is bad, and it may be worth joining just to see what they have to offer - either way that medical school fair is incredibly worth it. I haven’t started applying for medical school yet, so I can’t say what org would make a strong app. But, why don’t you look for something that is near and dear to your hearts instead. I’m a respiratory therapist and have been involved in the state chapter of our national organization over the years - but I don’t practice as a therapist full-time anymore. But, I was very active with the group when I did work full-time RT.

Also, just because you belong doesn’t mean you have the opportunity to be active in the organization. I currently belong to an organization call Chromosome Disorder Outreach - they support families of children with chromosomal disorders and are in need of some assistance with a few things. My schedule is a mess right now, so I can’t help like I want to. And, don’t count out OPM - I’m sure there is something that can be done to help with the site, etc.

You could also try to give it a go at starting a chapter on your campus (I considered even starting either a pre-DO (SOMA - which is free to join…) or AMSA chapter, but didn’t have the time to get it up and running).

I was a member of AMSA, but again, didn’t do anything with the organization - I just paid my membership fee and that was it. So, I’m not sure how it looks to an adcom when they see that someone has belonged to an organization, but that person can’t answer what they’ve done to further the cause of the organization.

If you have a few dollars, I say go to the AMSA convention in March and check them out. What do you have to lose?