Does Literature Research Count?

Hello all!

I have been doing research for almost a year now but I have never set foot in a lab due to covid. My research revolves around reading various literature, filtering information, assessing the quality of the paper, etc. to hopefully publish a systematic review in the future. I am just wondering if this research would be looked at the same way as benchwork research.

Thank you!

BA in English turned post-bacc here. I wrote a 25 page senior thesis and presented a paper at my undergraduate university’s literary conference. Some of the English professors said the senior thesis is unique because many schools do not require a thesis at the undergraduate level, and the conference was founded because one of the professors noticed that there were no opportunities for undergraduates to share their scholarly work with others. I went to a small liberal arts school with a focus on teaching, so these opportunities would likely not have been available had I gone to a school that focused on research. If you feel you can discuss your activities in detail on your application, I think you should include it as it sets you apart from those who did benchwork research :wink: