doing prereqs and working full time

I’m at a loss as to how to accomplish this. Typical non trad situation: work full time, and I can’t afford to just quit my job, so I have to work full time while taking my prereqs. Only problem: these types of classes are day classes, geared towards full time students. Any one else have this situation? and if so, how did you get around it? I can get my job to work with me on a schedule only to a degree. Leaving in the middle of the day to go to a class though, just isn’t an option for me.
Any suggestions?

Well, you’re either going to have to find a school with night classes or figure out a way to work it out with your job. People have moved, changed jobs, etc. to get past this problem. There really isn’t any other way to do it - you can’t get around the classes.

I was afraid you’d say that I guess I’ll just have to figure something out.
I’m in California, and the UC schools don’t even allow part time mostly. CSU schools allow it, but most of the classes I need (bio, chem, etc) are day classes only. My only other option is cc, and with the stigma…
Welll I guess I’ll just have to start looking at other job options.

See if your school offers classes at 4pm. Mine does and so I work 7-3 (no lunch break), and am able to get to class on time. Granted, you can’t do that forever. Now that I’m getting to upper division classes I’m having trouble finding evening classes. I’m just going to do the whole live off of loans thing for the last two years. It sucks, but this goal is worth it. Just something to think about. Good luck!

The community college is taunting me with it’s evening bio and chem classes. It seems I need to either do CC classes just hope I ace the MCAT and other areas, or live off loans somehow…

I do know in the Chicagoland area, a few schools are offering pre-health certificates for the older student (Loyola and Northwestern Univ. in particular) They are the needed classes, but given on nights and weekends to accomidate the older premeds like us with full time jobs…:slight_smile:
I am currently very interested in the NWU program. It is 21 months long. I know links exist that will list similar programs all across the country…
Good Luck…Mike

Zan, you might try contacting some UC med schools and asking them about the CCs. Doing prereqs at a CC probably does not HELP your application but it may be OK under certain circumstances. Having no viable options in terms of work and schedule seems like that sort of circumstance. It’s definitely worth exploring with a few med schools, though.