Done with Texas interviews

Hi guys!
First I want to say thanks to Pam (spacecadet) for the lengthy phone conversation and personal tour at Baylor yesterday! And to Jeff and his family for the hospitality at UTMB Galveston a couple of weeks ago! Nothing bets getting to talk to OPM members about their experiences at the med schools before an interview. smile.gif
I finished the last Texas interview yesterday. I’ve interviewed at UT San Antonio, UTMB, TCOM, UT Houston and Baylor. (okay, I haven’t heard a thing from UT Southwestern, we’ll see…) Yesterday I was at Baylor, which is just a fantastic school. The interview day was very informative, very low stress, and I got to talk to a LOT of students. I feel like I got to know the personality of the med school pretty well. I will doubtless be on pins and needles while waiting to hear if I get accepted there. Since it’s a rolling admissions starting in Oct, I could be on those pins and needles a long time! laugh.gif
If anyone has questions about the interviews at of these schools, PM me!
Happy, Happy biggrin.gif

I’m glad to hear that your interviews went well!

When did you complete your TMDSAS? I have not had one call for an interview. My TMDSAS was completed mid-June, along with most secondaries. Just finished the UTSA and TTUHSC last week, but not a word from the others! I am now officially WORRIED! ohmy.gif

Kathy, i also replied to your other post about TMDSAS, but I forgot to mention that my app. was transmitted in mid-June and all of my secondaries were done by the first week of June.
If you suspect there might be a problem, try calling one of the schools and say that you are just making sure your file is complete and they don't need any other info from you. That way you can be sure that nothing weird is going on, like that they didn't misplace your info or file you under MD/PhD or something like that.
Good luck and keep me posted!

Thanks for your sane advice. I went to bed (I had just gotten off a 16 hour shift and was very tired!) freaking.

You’re welcome. smile.gif
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. The wait is LONG…very long… I remember being in your shoes and February 1 couldn’t get here fast enough.
Good luck!!!

Maybe UT Southwestern read my post 'cus I just got the interview invite today! laugh.gif I’ll be going there in November.