Done with the semester

Finally I’m done with my first pre-med semester. The moment that seemed not likely to come, came . I’m so glad it’s over. I got all A’s. It makes me so happy and…more optimistic and encouraged to start another semester after the New Year.
Now althought the vision of medical school is still distant in time, it seems so much more realistic, when I know that I’m capable to manage the full load of science classes and be successful.
Thank you guyz for you support. Maybe I haven’t been posting a lot. But I read every single post, and they are a real inspiration to me.
Everyone - Enjoy your break from school, and have a wonderful Christmas.

Me too! I’m done with my fourth semester. I received an A in organic chemistry, about which no one is more shocked than I. All the exams together counted 89.25, 0.75 percent shy of an A, and I guess my teacher added on the extra 0.75% because she liked the way I smell. And then last night I took my Physics II final (probably the last physics course of my life) which was really a piece of cake next to the rigors of O-Chem.
Anyway, I’m really grateful to have a free month to go to the gym and play with my MCAT materials.
Merry Christmas everybody!