Doppler Efftect Question

For the dopler effect, when the source is moving towards the detector the denominator is v-Vs and when the source if moving away from the detector the equationis v+Vs. So, if the source is stationary and the detector is moving is it true that
1) When the detector is moving Towards the source numerator is v+Vd
2) When the detector is moving away from the source the numerator is v-Vd
Or is it the other way around?

I probably shouldnt reply to this since I have yet to cover this in class, but I think you can think of it as whether the distance between source/detector is increasing or decreasing, regardless of which one is moving, so I think it is the other way around, but again, I am not sure?


I just answered your question in the SDN subforum, but yes, you have it right. It does matter which one is moving; you must always consider the source and detector motion separately from one another.

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