DO's in Chicago

A friend of mine, who is pre-med, has been seriously considering becoming a DO over an MD for the past year after meeting with a rep. from Kirksville at an SMNA conference last fall. However, he’s having a real difficult time finding a DO to shadow.

Is anyone aware of any DO’s in the Chicago area that are willing to allow pre-meds to shadow with them to get a feel for the profession and also to get the requisite DO letter of recommendation to apply to DO schools? His interests lie in internal medicine and pediatrics right now, but I’m certain that he would appreciate the opportunity to shadow a DO in any specialty. He’s also bilingual (Spanish and English) and I’m sure would love to be in a setting where both languages are used.

If you know of anyone that might be willing to work with him, please drop me a private message or reply here in the forum and I’ll pass on the information.


Try contacting CCOM, located in Downer’s Grove, or the AOA website has a list of DOs practicing in Illinois by specialty. It should NOT be that hard to find a DO to shadow in the Chicagoland area.