DOs,Military DOs, in NC area available for shadow

Looking for a DO to shadow after Mid April. I live in Hope Mills, NC (Fayetteville, Ft Bragg). Willing to travel 3-4hrs if necessary. I contacted the few local DOs in the phone book that I could find and no one has returned my calls. I contacted the Col that oversees the residency program at WAMC and haven’t heard back. While I was on a travel nurse contract (Dec) in NJ, I was able to shadow with a DO there. Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill is less than 2 hrs away. If you have any contacts up there, that would be great. My ultimate goal is to be become a DO and return back to military as a physician. Military DOs or MDs would be awesome. I’m still trying to foot my way to find someone I can shadow with on Pope or Bragg. Thanks for any help.

Hi there,
I hope you get an answer for you quest to shadow a military DO. All of the military folks that I know at present are MDs. I will ask around the VA hospital next week and see if I can get a name or two for you.
Good luck and thanks for the post.

Thank you for your interest and concern. Yesterday, I had received a return call from Col Jeff Johnson (oversees the residency program at WAMC, Ft.Bragg, NC) He is going to pass my info on to a military female DO who just returned from Iraq. I’m very excited. So hopefully I will hear from her within a couple of weeks and we can set up something. Still looking for local civilian DOs.