DOs working abroad?

I also posted this in the Pre-Med forum, but thought I might get some responses here as well.

I’m not an especially competitive med school candidate. I had a 3.2 as an undergrad in an unrelated field, and am now in a Post Bacc program after working in the fortune 500 world for 3 years. So far as a Post Bacc student I have a 4.0. I haven’t taken the MCAT’s yet, but I will be studying hard, and I usually do very well on standardized tests in general.

I want to study emergency medicine, and work abroad after medical school. I have spoken with a firm that does recruiting for positions in Australia, and they told me that they don’t accept osteopathic doctors. I don’t know if that is common to other countries or not.

I know that for competitive residencies, DOs from American universities will generally get preference over MDs from the Carribbean or abroad. In short, a Carribbean MD will help me working abroad later in life, but a DO from the states will help me get a better residency. Which one would be more advantageous given my goals? Is there anybody that has a DO that has worked abroad? How significant of a barrier is the DO title when working on foreign soil? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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