Downward trend since transferring to University

I just left active duty military service to begin university to finish my pre-med requirements. I was able to go to administrative duty before leaving service where I could take night classes, and I transferred as a junior into university with a 3.95 GPA from a community college (My only B was in calculus). Now that I am in university, I am really struggling with science classes, and my science GPA is stuck at 3.3 (3.5 overall at university). I am at an especially competitive school, but I know adcoms aren’t going to let me rest on laurels like that, and I don’t want to either.

I’ve only gotten 1 A in a science class for letters of recommendation for the committee letter, and I am showing a downward trend in science coursework. I can partially blame this on the pandemic, but I feel like this last semester is my last chance to step up my game and show that I can do it. I’m also planning to take the MCAT this semester, and feeling pressure to “make up for my grades with MCAT.”

I’m too old to be playing into these head games, but the feeling is real and just wanted to get my rants and ravings out there. Looking forward to any positive vibes, and I hope this can be out there for anyone else feeling like this.