Dream Medical School and Why?

What is your dream medical school(s) that you want to attend and why? What makes that school(s) so special?

Oregon Health Science & University. I grew up in Portland and have always looked up to the “castle on the hill”. I went there as a child for a complex heart condition and have always felt in debt for the care I received. I want to train under the team that has taken care of me, my family, and my community. Plus, both my wife’s family and my family liver it, providing me a strong support system as needed.
In state tuition also doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:

University of Maryland School of Medicine for similar reason as previous poster. I went to the hospital in Baltimore to have my lung cancer removed. I have this fantasy of being about to work with my surgeon in the future. I think the culture there is fantastic. Plus I wouldn’t have to relocate as it is local.

Currently I’d like to go to UCSF.
Here are some of the requirements for admission.
General Chemistry, one year with laboratory
Organic Chemistry, minimum of two quarters
Physics, one year with laboratory
General Biology, one year with laboratory, including the study of vertebrate zoology

This is the average First Year Student
Overall grade-point average of 3.81
Science grade-point average of 3.77
Average MCAT score percentile ranking of 93

There are three formal programs to get your MD.
1. the MD
2. the MD/PhD
3. the MS/MD

I’d like to serve others and better the community. Currently, I am interested in their PRIME program. This program helps serve the unrepresented population. UCSF provides a vimeo video detailing the experiences of students within the PRIME program. A significant experience a student had with the PRIME program, is going into Chinatown to understand the residential and recreational areas. Through the understanding of the curriculum and environment these students can shape policies to better the environment. The PRIME program offers opportunities for students to impact their and other communities.


@PreMedGrapeFruit - That’s great. That is a tough school to get into, but you can do it!

I don’t really have a dream school. I just want one to accept me and cover most/all of my expenses.

Probably WVU and LECOM-SH. WVU is a great location (my family wouldn’t have to move), and I think that applicants from Western Maryland get a small bump in admissions preference similar to being an in-state applicant. WVU also has some great clinical rotation sites that would work well for my family. LECOM-SH has a PBL model that I really like, and the on-campus chapel is just gorgeous and a great source of comfort for me. The area is nice and a place where I could see my family living. I went to an open house there and liked it. But I’m at the very beginning of the process. We’ll see what I think in another year or two.

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine This my dream medical school, because I can easily learn lots of things in the medical related things in a better way. Another thing, I love this place very much.