dropping BIOL101

Hi All,
I talked about going to the expensive private school just for one semester. I registered for BIOL101 with lab only to find out that the public school I will be going to in Summer does not have an equivalent course. I am very tempted to drop it. For one, the class format is not great, not much content either. I don’t want to flush $3000 down the toilet. I have till Feb 10 th to decide. I think I am better off dropping it. I will finish the CHEM111 though as it will transfer to the public school. Just a little bit bummed because I have the time to do course work but no classes available at this time.

I’d never spend so much money on one class. If you really want my opinion I say ‘RUN! AND DON’T THINK TWICE’!

I agree 100%. Even if the class does articulate and transfer over, why pay so much money for it? That’s larceny to charge that much.

Well, I dropped Biology101 today. I went to the public U i will be going to and picked up the text books for classes I will be taking. (Biology and Physics). I will just work on them myself till the Summer session starts and try to take more courses in Summer.
I am crazy, I didn’t drop Chemsitry. I will complete it.