So, I have completed about half of the courses so far (just finished O-Chem II this past spring) with A’s. I work full time for a company that requires me to travel occasionally. I signed up for Physics I and II this summer so I could take Bio in the fall and spring and apply next year. One-third of the way through my Physics course this summer, one of my staff has a neck injury and cannot make it to our annual meeting. Since I have to sub for her, I end up missing an entire week of classes. This is in addition to another conference I have to attend later in the semester. Because I will miss too many labs and class, I am going to have to drop the class and take an extra year to finish the prereqs. Is this a dealbreaker? Does a “drop” in a post-bacc transcript look bad?
It’s such a disappointment, especially coming off such a high from my success in Orgo II.

Depending on where you are in the semester, the drop may not even show up on your transcript - YMMV, check with your registrar for details. But no, it’s not a deal-breaker. You may need to BRIEFLY (as in, less than a sentence) address it in your PS or interview; the “spin” I’d put on it would be your conscientious obligation to your current job as well as your desire to do really well in the class.
I understand your disappointment! I’m sorry you have to put this class on hold but I’m sure when you get back to it that you’ll do great.