Dumb Intern question

Ok - so I’m walking the stage on Saturday, finally after the 5 year option, I get to be called Dr. OMTDave.

I’m receving a BUNCH of surveys and paperwork to get ready for the first day of internship. Amongst those surveys is an ‘entry-level competency assessment’. Competency? Oh, you mean I am supposed to know and be able to do this stuff for real?

I am acutely aware, and the survey really helped point that out, of my incompetence. I mean, I’m ok at writing notes, doing basic heart-lungs-abdomen exams, neuro exams and script writing. I can present in general and generally have to problems putting my hands on people.

But as far as rectals (other than FOBT), Gyn, OB exams - not so fast. Forget placing a fetal scalp monitor. suturing - basic single ties, ok. mattress - not so fast. knots - ? pre-surgical assesssments - say, what?

My question - how much of this was I supposed to learn and am I way, way behind the curve already? I mean, yes, it’s all about training but I have been behind everyone else during my entire medical school career and while I want to excel, right now, I’m shooting to be at least average…

can somebody help me out here? Preferably an attending or someone in residency now? Linda- help, please?


R - E - L - A - X!!!

Read the title: Competency ASSESSMENT! The latter word being the key. The program is simply trying to gauge the overall level of comfort within its incoming intern class to know where they need to focus. If all are cool with some portion, than they can direct more resources towards other deficiencies.

Believe me, all of the staff (RNs & RTs), attendings & upperclassmen know that an incoming intern cannot find their @$$ with both hands & directions. We expect it…it is the interns who are convinced that they already know what it is all about that scare the hell out of us!

Everyone talks about July being scary in teaching hospitals - not so much, in my experience. July & August the interns are so freaking terrified they will not do anything without a phone call or a discussion - annoying, but safe. It is Sept/Oct, when the interns are beginning to be more confident & start to spread their wings that things become frightening for the senior residents supervising the interns.

Invest some quality time talking to Linda Wilson. She is newly thru this process & can relay current info to you.

Again…R - E - L - A - X!!!

I agree with everything Dave said. They are just trying to find out where everyone stands. No need to re-teach skill Y if everyone already knows how to do it.

Thanks all…talked with an upper level at the program who I know from school and was told,‘breathe…breathe…now make sure you don’t study or read up or whatever…just enjoy the time with your family until it starts. Once it starts, you won’t have time for them…we’ve got your back…’

well first of all CONGRATULATIONS! You did it!

second, as you’ve already heard: relax. You aren’t expected to know squat. And not to be TOO cynical, but if the upper-level resident working with you is actually aware of any of your responses on this assessment, I’ll be real surprised. (the questionnaires are undoubtedly headed for some random file folder on the credenza behind the program director’s desk.) The resident will assume you know nada. So don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine.


I am not even knee deep into the application process yet, but I really enjoyed this little thread …

I am sure you will do well!

I talk to residents and med students all day and I ask them all the time and EXPERIENCE is always their answer when I ask them what helps them in med school or residency.

The more you d things the better you will be and feel more confident.