Dumb jitters

I’m just running out the door now to have my first meeting with my “pre-health advisor” at my university. He doesn’t know yet that I’m an older person, (strike one), and when I spoke to him on the phone he had an extremely heavy and hard (for me) to understand accent (strike two).

I’m just all paranoid that when I walk through the door he’ll ask me if I’m applying for the lunch lady position and direct me toward the cafeteria, and that I’ll need to ask him to repeat himself three or four times before I finally make out that he hasn’t realized I’m his student.

Bleah. Too many cups of coffee this morning. I can’t afford to get off to a bad start before I even begin my journey. It took me hours to choose an outfit before I realized that I should just dress like a damn student and wear decent jeans and short sleeves appropriate to the weather.

Someone shoot me!

I know the feeling; I think we’ve all been there. You’re probably already there, but: take a deep breath, and take care of yourself - it’ll be great

Perhaps we non-trads tend to invest more thought into worries like this. Perhaps we’re generally more analytical, which will help us in the long run. For me, I find that worry can be a great motivator, if I use it, and I don’t let it control me.

But I’m rambling now, and this is about you - and you’re gonna wow em

You’ll be fine! Back in 1990-something I went to see the pre-professional health career advisor at my school (Purdue) and she literally laughed me out of her office. It took a lot more courage than I had realized to have the same conversation (with a different advisor) all these years later. My advisor has been a great encouragement without being overly optimistic. He told me that, even with my lukewarm bachelor GPA, there is still hope if I am willing to work hard for it. His advice & the general consensus here at OPM seem to be in agreement. So, I’m working my butt off & keeping the goal in sight. If I can do it… there will be some pretty happy chimpanzees getting into medical school one of these days! I don’t see how you could fare any worse.

Let us know how it went!