Early Decision Planning?

SUNY allows you to apply in your sophomore year, and if accepted you don’t even need to take the MCATs. SUNY is my first choice of schools - it’s just 3 hours away from my husband’s family in Ontario. We’re actually considering relocating to the SUNY area permanently after med school (regardless of where I end up for med school) if we don’t move back to Canada.

Baylor also has an ED program (but you do have to take the MCATs). They are my 2nd choice, as my mom is in Houston and it would be great for her to have lots of time with the grandkids while they are little.

After that my 3rd choice is here at home with UMass Medical, but I can’t find anything from them about ED.

Is it silly for me to be even looking at ED programs as a) an OPM, and b) so early on in under-grad?

Is 3 choices for med school too little? Do I need to open it up more?


If SUNY has an early application program that does not require you to commit to the official Early Decision process, that’s awesome and you should look into it. For other Early Decision applications, you must generally commit to one school, which does not have to accept or reject you until October of application year, putting you way behind on applications to other schools. This is sensible option only if you are REALLY COMMITTED to one particular school.

I think that unless you only have ONE SCHOOl on your list, ED doesn’t make a lot of sense for most people. Take your time during undergrad to identify a slew of schools at which you and your husband could be happy. It’s good to have a healthy selection of applications out there as long as it’s to schools you could happily attend.