Economic downturn: need to drop out of post-bacc.

Well, after completing part of this semester, it looks like I am going to have to drop out of the post-bacc program for a while, as my wife lost her cpa financial position at a major firm last wednesday. I am going to have to go back to work, as her new job today pay no where near her previous salary, and does not offer a very good medical insurance package/benefit, and we will have to fork the bill for her medical costs.

This economic storm we are experiencing really is bad, at least from our perspective. I am really depressed right now, and my wife has been in tears all afternoon, as she really loved her previous job and co-workers and friends there. Damn. I feel so defeated physically and emotionally right now for the both of us.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant, and thanks to all for the wonderful advice and suggestion you all have offered. I would not have been half as successful as I have been so far in my pre-reqs without you all. Thanks again.

Wish you the best. Although things are so tough I am actively thinking about putting my pursuit off for a year and going back to work too!

I wish you the best, too. I’m trying to come up with comforting words and encouragement for you and your family, but it’s hard to know what to say. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, right? Don’t give up.

Is there any way that you can finish out the semester, so that you don’t have to re-do the classes you are currently taking? Will they let you take an incomplete, and allow you to finish it next semester? It wouldn’t hurt to talk to your advisor and see if they could help you work something out.

May God bless you and your family. I know its hard and easy for me to say, think positively, but there is a meaning in it. Use the time to spend together and focus on what matters which is each other. Can you try to finish your semester? Exhaust all possibilities, you will bounce back!