Yikes, I just filled out my FAFSA for this year and it’s coming back with a much higher Estimated Family Contribution that we can realistically afford. It’s more than my rent and car payments combined. Time to try and get rid of some debt!

Just wanted to vent, thanks everyone.

We, too, are like all the other Americans who could at one time afford what we have. 10K decrease in pay, 3 kids and me working part time still did not give us a break on the EFC. I now attend college with all these running start high schoolers who are barely passing, yet they get a FREE associate degree and their diploma. I want to smack them with my property tax update. LOL. I feel for you. We ALL do!

Good luck with it!

I feel you … my wife got laid off, I took a huge pay cut to attend school full time and yet no break on the financial aid, hell I can’t even land a work study job…

Ms. Kimberly : Tell me about them running start brats… they hardly ever show up or if they do decide to grace the class with their presence have nothing to contribute. I’m not really impressed with the quality of student accepted into the running start program and think it’s a waste of tax payers money… The plus side: my instructors know me by name and are more willing to work with me when I have a question and throw more extra credit my way.