EK Audio Osmosis

For those of you that actually bought EK AO did you use it? I am not using it hardly at all, I really get the stuff by reading the books. And to me they seem kind of goofy. Any comments on the pros and cons of using AO?

I use them in the car as I drive. I am starting now and getting back to basics with Physics and Orgo since it has been a few years now since I took them. Sigh…
I like them as they are relaxed conversational CD's. What about the books? I am thinking of getting them.

I really really like the books. They are quite concise which can be good or bad depending on your background, but regardless, they are awesome. I have gone through all the books once and really enjoyed them. The end of lecture exams are really difficult but they enforce what you have learned quite a bit. The books follow the lectures on the AO so you will be able to follow along with the book as you listen to the lecture.

I used the books. I liked them. My only problem was with the very first chapter in physics, I just couldn't get one of the questions at the end of the chapter. I wish they had a section on writing though.

I use both the CD's and the books and feel that they're both effective. Yes, the CD's are corny, but I find the repetition and silly jokes help with remembering and association.
Everyone's different, so your milage may vary.

I liked the goofyness of the CD’s - I think they helped cement my memory
- how does the horse ever get the cart to move?
- SN1 vs SN2 - when does the leaving group leave first ? which is hot and steamy? which is a backside attack? – all firmly in mind now
- skeletons rearranging - can still hear the crunching
- Markolikov – the music, the Russian accent - the peroxides (“no not peroxides”)
I found that I got more out of the CDs if I read along, rather than just listening in the car. you still have to concentrate on what is being said.

Whether you use EK Books or CDs, be sure to check out their web site for errors in the CDs or in the books/tests - www.examkrackers.com.
I loved the CDs - you get tired of studying from books all the time, and this way you can listen while you:
a) fold laundry or clean the bathroom
cool.gif enjoy a hot bubble bath
c) eat dinner
d) sunbathe
e) you know rolleyes.gif
I drove around listening to the CDs, but ONLY after listening to them once or twice at home first. Otherwise you are risking a nasty car wreck.